Body positivity is not related to any movement.It is an assertion that all people in the world should accept themselves and people around them as they are regardless of their shape,size,colour or gender orientation.Body Positivity strives to change a person’s view and behavior towards products and services that promotes insecurities such as weight loss medicines and such other services.

Body Positivity is a long drawn process which needs to be achieved to practice self love and compassion with acceptance.It encourages society to be more humble  in accepting people I’m the way they are which leads to improvement in well being and mental health.It is a mission to change the way we see ourselves.

Specifically ,body positivity includes-
•Being confident within oneself
•Rejection of negative information about bodies
•Appreciating one’s body and it’s unique features
•Admiration for all kinds of people
•Loving yourself


We all are aware of the negative impacts of social media on body images but it has positive effects on body image too.

Body positivity content shows appreciation for all types of bodies.Influential figures have a unique skill set to make a positive impact on people see their own and other’s body, especially when it comes to young people.

Social media connects people with others promoting body positivity .It helps building a body accepting community.


•Eating disorder-Body dissatisfaction leads to disordered eating particularly among teenagers.

•Depression-Most of the people who are highly insecure about their bodies go through depression at high rates.It includes both men and women.

•Low self esteem-Body dissatisfaction gives space to low self esteem and negative thoughts.

Content by:Sakshi Luhariwala