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Our initiatives are to create awareness and introduce new updates on healthcare. Moreover, we are conducting some activities and competitions which will improve their knowledge. Last but not least, this organization will make sure the quality and important news will reach the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What strategies can I follow to improve my quality of life?

Liveliness habits Effective time management, Get adequate sleep,  Eat Healthy Food, Exercise, Set attainable goals, Leisure Habits Be organized, Happiness Habits Meditate, Connecting with fellow beings and Living with a positive mindset enhances our ability to bear more pressure, stress and anxiety and deal with the problem in a more effective manner.

How to treat Mental Disorders?

The best advice would be to visit the doctor in case of such situations as they will be able to analyze the case in more depth and offer more accurate treatment methods. However some common approaches to treat mental disorders are Medications, Psychotherapy, Home treatment programs and Brain stimulating treatments.

What can I expect in a health and wellness coaching?

The health and wellness coach offers coaching like for obesity, Nutrition, Cardio-Vascular Health, High and uncontrolled levels of  Cholesterol and Diabetes.

Which Stress management techniques are used?

Every person has their individual level of stress and has different ways of dealing and coping up with stress. So there are no pre-determined techniques to deal with stress.  Some methods which you can try and inculcate are: Do something that interests you, Meditate, Exercise and Get the right amount of sleep.

How can I improve my approach towards being healthy?

Prevention is the key to stay healthy and happy, so plan to prevent the toxic build up.  For this you need to get rid of all irregular habits specifically linked to diet, work, sleep and even use of  excessive technology. Follow a regular diet and a healthy lifestyle routine. Exercise daily to improve digestion and elimination of toxins. Proper and adequate sleep at night. Acts of  kindness, compassion  and feeling optimistic  and grateful will  have a positive impact on your mood and make you happy and healthy.  

How frequent should the follow ups be scheduled?

1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year