Covid disease can weaken the immunity system of an individual, can cause long term diseases like chronic lung infection, diabetes or cancer. Proper nutrition and hydration is important to fight against the disease and its symptoms. Healthy diet can boost up the immune system and prevent chronic long term diseases.
For fast recovery from Covid one can include the following in their daily diet –

Protein Rich Diet : Protein inclusion is very necessary during the weakening days as it helps in improvement of the lost muscle energy. Beans, sattu, soy milk, eggs, mushroom, khichdi, chicken, fish, paneer, peanut, curd, items like these are easily available and can be added in the daily diet.

Fruits and Vegetables : Including fruits and vegetables in the diet means taking up the main sources of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Five to six times fruits and vegetables must be consumed in a day. Alternatively,one can also take up smoothies or shakes.

Hydration : Drinking up water and liquids even if one is not thirsty is the best way to stay away from chronic disease like pneumonia. Caffeine products like tea and coffee must be avoided because it causes dehydration. Frequent sips of water or infused water with lemon, mint, tulsi can also be consumed.

Herbal Immune Boosters : As suggested by the Ministry of AYUSH many herbs and spices have antioxidants and antibodies.
Kadha – It is made of a mix of ginger, clove and black pepper to boost immunity.
Herbs – Tulsi, basil when mixed with tea helps in getting taste back,provides antioxidants and helps in digestion.

By – Sakshi Luhariwala