The world is welcoming vast technological changes for many decades and
enjoyed several benefits that these technologies bring, be it an increase in
productivity, increased efficiency, smart technologies, and now we are here
talking about the hottest technology “IOT” i.e., the internet of things.
IoT is an upcoming topic of social, economic, and technical significance.


It is a system of interconnected computing devices, machines, networks, objects, and people that are provided with unique identifications and the ability to transmit data over a network without any need of human to computer interaction.

Internet of things can work efficiently in combination with other “things”. now here “things” could be a person who uses a smart pacemaker tracking device to analyze his heart rate or a pet animal to whom you implant a biochip transponder device to track his route or it can be a smart vehicle who automatically parks or drive itself. There could be a lot more fields where IOT can be efficiently used, wherever we could assign an IP(Internet Protocol) address and are able to transmit data.



Internet of things contains sensors, devices, and mini processors that can act on the collected data provided by these sensors or devices. An IoT device talks to the cloud through some connectivity. Once the data gets to the cloud, the software collects and processes it and then decides to perform an action. An action could be sending an alert or automatic adjustment of the device without the need of any user. IoT devices do most of the things without human intervention i.e, they don’t need humans to operate them however, humans can interact with the device when it needs to be set or to give some specific instructions to the device.


Consumer products, smart cars, sensors, and other objects are combined
with internet connectivity; transform the way we think and work. Some of
the most promising advantages of the internet of things (IoT) are:

● Improved work safety
● Improved customer service
● Better business opportunities
● Cost-effective operations
● Better use of resources and technology
● Improved productivity
● Reduction in human labour
● Improved medical health appliances
● It helps businesses in better decision making and improved customer


Some of the examples where IoT technologies have been widely in use in some of the devices are as follows:

● Smart home security appliances where a home can auto adjust itself by setting the room’s temperature according to the outside weather or
controlling electronic devices.
● Autonomous farming equipment could be activated even when the farmer is at home.
● Smart factory equipment which can monitor overall business processes.
● Biometric scanners can be used for face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint system, eye recognition systems, etc.
● Smart cars are basically driverless cars with auto parking features.
● Wireless trackers

Summary :

IoT encourages us to rethink the ways we do work today. It can help us out in various sectors or areas that need critical thinking and decision-making. It has the ability in advancement of agriculture by making farmer’s jobs easier. It could help businesses in monitoring its operations, reporting and can save a lot of time and money. It could also be used in medical science by making smart pacemakers, smart machines for complex operations, etc.

By: Gargi Sharma